Theresa Lauterbach

University of Dayton

As I grew up, my father would talk about how his parents used to draw the ads for Macy’s and Elder Beermans. They would sketch and make prints and he would them to show me. Therefore, I took that to be what art was, physical acts of creating these beautiful things to look at. So as I grew up, I too wanted to be an artist. I had never before imagined photography as an art form. At that time growing up, it was just something to do. Friends and family of mine would use those cheap, disposable cameras and take pictures of wacky faces and cute moments with everyone together. After getting them developed those pictures would exist for the purpose of sitting in a scrapbook forever. I never saw it as something to create because it had the potential to be beautiful. Now that I make photographs, it is remarkable how much that idea has changed. Now I see it like this; there are pictures and then there are photographs. People take pictures to be shared or to remember something that happened. A photograph is made or taken with purpose. The difference being the content and concept, a reason for it to be made. So when I think about my own photographs and what I have done, I hope to find reasons why people should bother to look at them. It is important to me that if I am going to bother making something, someone other than myself has to care, otherwise it is just a picture. That is what a photograph is to me.

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