Ariel Baez

Denison University

I am from Boston, MA and as a painter, I deconstruct the thought of a painting, which for most people is a rectangular shape of canvas placed on a white wall with some form of illustration. Second, I reconstruct that broken image into a new form that I call paintings. The works that I create are compiled together in a collage-like aesthetic from materials that I scavenge for. Using found objects to create a painting challenges the traditional sense of how a painting is made. I use canvas, wood, nails, and various fabrics including wall spaces making my paintings wall/location specific. Utilizing the wall results in my paintings being displayed for a short time and then deconstructed from the wall. Working with wood has been a key material for me, which has helped me explore and construct my paintings in endless ways much to how Richard Tuttle has done and Louise Nevelson with her play of wall spaces and forms. I shape the wood; I paint on the wood, and then decide on what materials would work well. The forms that I shape the wood in are usually doodles that I sketch on a sheet of paper or on the wood itself.

The color choices are based on paintings that I have admired, such as Dona Nelson’s Okie Dokie – 2008, as well as Sadie Benning’s work. I also reference color scheme from many anime shows that I have watched and colors that I see in my every day life. The compositions and color coordination are both key to abstraction and help give my work a finishing touch.

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