Klaire Smith

University of Rio Grande

With Worship/Power I would like to demonstrate that Christian ideas of women are intrinsically influential on modern American life. While America is a country that is officially free from religion it is undeniable that Christianity has a monumental influence in every aspect of our culture; from government, to health care, to the most minute social norms we have been molded by Christian teachings. It is also a fair assessment that the Christian culture that is prevalent in the US is a male-centered culture. With research in popular Christian cultures, scripture, feminist theorists, Christian theorists, contemporary and historical artists, and my understanding of the world around me I make statements in my work that solidify these ideas. Much of her inspiration comes from the prints of Goya and Kathe Kollowitz; Hannah Wilke and the Guerrilla Girls have paved the way for much of the ideas of her subject matter and delivery. She finds interest in understanding the foundations that allow popular Christian culture to passively consider women as second class citizens while simultaneously regarding the ideal woman as something more idolatrous than human. Her self identity with Christianity is unsure but the research of the religion and its culture is stimulating. Currently she lives in Athens, Ohio with her partner Jenea.

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