Stephanie Parnes

Columbus College of Art & Design

I am a process-based artist living and working in Columbus, Ohio. I earned my BFA in 2015 from Columbus College of Art and Design and also hold a BA in Psychology from Ohio Wesleyan University.

My artistic practice is one of penetrative, productive unmaking. Using strategies of conscious accumulation and repetition of gestures, such as pulling, marking, squeezing, looking, and vocalizing, I move away from the embodied self - the self as a discrete and contained entity - in order to acknowledge the inherent instability of what we as bodies can know and express. Spanning multiple media from drawing and sculpture to performance and photography, each work is the result of engaging deeply in actions of dematerialization and deconstruction which make contact with a fundamental anxiety that runs under all life, a quiet but constant uncertainty of the boundaries of our mental and physical world: the unclear distinctions between inside and outside, self and world, sensing and knowing.

In my time at Columbus College of Art and Design, I have started to identify the questions that interest me through developing a strong studio and research-bound practice that are in conversation with one another. I am intensely interested in the relationship between physical expression and intellectual inquiry, or, how we come to know things in both a conscious and embodied way and the spaces or gaps between these ways of knowing.

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