Franklin Cain-Borgers

Columbus College of Art & Design

Assembling ready made, manipulated and sculptural objects that are synonymous with the artificiality of suburban America, the artist reflects upon the mass produced forms that exude disorienting notions of facade that exist in these “luxury” communities. Within this facade, there is a historical standardization, while creating a specific identity for socioeconomic classes there lies a lack of individuality that is imbued with a sense desolation and seeming loss of identity. By pairing specific ready-made objects associated with the home, a disorientation of symbol and suburban reality is formed. By appropriating the historical architectural motifs that are poorly placed into many “mcmansion” home designs, the work looks at the misuse of history, as well as cheap and flimsy material used to cut costs and build these homes. Taking root in De Chirico’s conception of the Metaphysical and the coded narrative elements of Neo-Dada work, this disparate harmonizing of objects, rather than being viewed in light of the unreal socialization and happiness told to exist in these communities, emphasize the sense of melancholy and isolation felt in these places. All of these elements form a feeling of time beyond history, where elements from these homes are taken out of context and placed in space with other consumer enigmas, creating contradiction in a new formed setting of  housing development communities.

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