Jenny Hanf

The University of Findlay

I am a children’s book illustrator and I tend to work mostly digital. As an illustrator I create work to be enjoyed as a story, but this is not exclusive to children, I believe that everybody can enjoy a tale told through pictures.  

In a lot of my work I crave to show the viewer some inside knowledge that is just out of sight from the subject in my work, transporting them into a place where they feel larger than the most monstrous lake beast even if just for a moment. Art to me is a way express something to a lot of people without words, I tend to be a bit on the quiet side and have always loved standing back and watching how different people read into images and what they take away from it.

Working digitally to me is my own version of a safety net, it allows me to make bolder choices in colors and shapes than I would normally, since the fear of permanence on paper is removed. I still appreciate drawing by hand for a portion to have some physical piece to the work, to be and to hang onto without fear of it being lost on a computer.

I find myself inspired by everything around me, the people around me, random snips of conversation, or just everyday items. Colors are something I am always amazed by, I love mixing them like a puzzle to figure out what will be best and playing with pallets, always expanding an understanding of hue and tones.

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