Megan Nedds

The University of Findlay

I am an illustrator and work using a wide range of techniques and media both 2D and 3D. When I draw or paint, I enjoy working with traditional media, such as graphite, pastels and charcoal, or oil and watercolor. I find it fascinating to experiment with these media to learn how to use them to their fullest potential. When I sculpt, I use a process called needle felting, which is the process of compacting wool using a needle. No matter what media I use, my goal as an artist to instill in people a wonder and a curiosity about the natural world. I am fascinated by animals and nature, and it is this passion that drives my work. I have a strong interest in the natural sciences, and I am constantly learning new things. When I create a new illustration, it is my hope that I can share this knowledge with children and spark an interest to learn. Drawing is not just a way of expressing creativity, but also a way of studying the world. I also work as a graphic designer in addition to being an illustrator, which caters to the more structured and analytical side of my personality. In all of my pieces, not only do I try to convey a sense of realism, but also emotion and expression. It is important to me that my work portrays nature and animals in a realistic way, true to their anatomy and features, but also in a way that children and people of all ages can connect with them on an emotional level.

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