Clair Morey

Columbus College of Art & Design

Hello. I paint and live in Columbus. After my graduation this December, I will be moving to Brooklyn, New York where I will start my internship at the New York Artist Residency and Studio Foundation and will hopefully be starting graduate school during the fall of 2015. After my thesis exhibition “Throwing Doors”, which primarily involved composing structures and spaces from the mental imagery of a specific time period of my early childhood, my work evolved in a way that is more attentive and specific to a particular time and place. Although the narrative of personal memory is still the backbone of the recent paintings, I have been re-evaluating memory and relating these images to a larger collective experience of unconscious imagery that is universal and constant. The arch seen throughout the paintings derives from an architectural structure that I encounter everyday in my own home and is something that I am always physically and mentally interacting with. The arch is intriguing to me in the way that it is capable of acting as a door or as a window, but is not defined by either of those objects that are so closely related in an architectural sense. The arch is more of a gateway leading a person physically into a space that is defined by this specific structure, and unlike doors or windows, an arch is never completely separate from its surrounding environment.

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