Catherine Stanley

Cleveland Institute of Art

I am currently a senior in a Biomedical Art program. Combining a love for science and skill with art, I explore new ways of presenting scientific information through a variety of media. Each project that I work on requires just as many hours of research as it does actually creating the art. I enjoy this challenge of balancing scientific accuracy, graphic design, and aesthetic qualities when making art. It is important that I am able to use my art to help others by furthering education in scientific and medical topics. Whether it's drawing from a cadaver or observing organisms under a microscope, I enjoy learning more about the world around me and being able to draw these fascinating subjects.

During my time in this program, I had the opportunity to work a summer internship at a local hospital's Department of Medical Illustration where I worked with doctors to create graphics for publications. I have also worked on various projects with a number of local museums, a botanical garden, a major prestigious hospital, and a local science center. I am currently working on my senior thesis project, in which I am designing an interactive museum exhibit about avian adaptions for flight at sea.

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