Wilma Levengood

University of Mount Union

As vibrant as the colors in my paintings and as complex as the details in my drawings, I am an aspiring and visionary artist. My ideas and visions of art are as big as I want because there are no limits to how big or how far God can take me.

For my 1st Grade's Career Day I dressed up in my dad's old denim shirt, put paint brushes in my hair and carried a water colored painting in my hands. That image of myself seemed to be almost prophetic. Drawing and painting captured my imagination. The use of perspective, color and my passion for art carried on through my elementary, middle and high school years.

During High School, I explored my creativity outside the canvas by painting several murals. My first big opportunity to test my ability was painting the famout Iwo Jima scene in one of my classrooms. My reputation as an artist became apparent when the mural was completed, and another mural was requested.

Now as a senior in college, I am exploring new techniques and mediums. I'm continuing to learn and grow from my art courses that I have taken. As an artist, I was in several student art exhibits and my artwork has been purchased. With these experiences, it is encouraging to see my passion as an artist grow and it is exciting to see where God will lead me.

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