Lauryn King

Xavier University

I am a sculptor and fiber artist who works primarily with the human figure to visually express the human condition. I choose to work with the human figure because I can conceptually and figuratively portray my ideas about the struggles of life. By utilizing a media-ramic life-casting technique, the viewer can immediately relate to my work due to its figurative nature, life-size scale, and the amount of detail captured within the cast. Working with the figure helps me counteract the aversion we have to talking about the suffering and depression we experience in the human condition.

Many people believe that if someone is suffering they must have some physical ailment to go along with the emotional pain. If a physical ailment is not evident, then people assume that the person must not really be suffering. Emotional pain is not considered a valid form of trauma in today's society. The figure is used to visually show the emotions pain each person may be experiencing.

Woven blankets are combined with some of the figures to provide them with a bit of comfort from the human condition. My use of fiber work stems from the need to cloak oneself in comfort cloth. The blankets I have created provide a soft and nurturing place for the figures to curl up and relax. My work strives to provide a connection for others who are suffering.

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