Samantha Proffitt

University of Rio Grande

I am currently a Senior completing my Bachelor's of Fine Art in graphic design. I currently live and work in Ohio along with my husband, Bob. Much of my artistic work focuses on the inclusion of pattern, color, line and an overall quirkiness that relates to themes of gender and domesticity. In my spare time, I  enjoy conscious meditation and collecting buttons. The work begins as an interest in the comparisons of reality and potential, and the desire to find the balance between them. In an attempt to find chaos in perfect order, child-like play became a major part in the study of creativity and repetition with the centralized theme of domesticity. The subject matter remains simple; everyday activities, chores, relationships between women, mothers and daughters and so on. This has became the centralized focus. Illustration, making patterns and studying everyday objects is in part, a way to pay homage to these influences.

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