Caroline Kruczynski

Wilmington College

Art for the sake of transformation

I grew up in a suburb outside of Columbus, Ohio surrounded by parents who were supportive of my creative works. As a young person I was always intrigued by Japanese manga or comic books which gave me stories and characters I loved, with amazing artwork along side it. Today, I study visual communications and my love for the visual arts has flourished. Aside from practicing photography and videography, I spend most of my energy and passion in fashion—and more specifically, costuming. My canvas is unconventional and fantastical. My artistic process is often initiated by an admiration of fictional characters. Once those characters are picked, I dive into sketches of the costumes and their pieces. I design, construct, and model my art. My art literally transforms me, allows me to become another person. Many times I relate to the character, and for that, my art becomes me or I become the art. For me, this is art for the sake of transformation.

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