Lauren Hector

Ohio Northern University

I am a graphic designer who was born and raised in the cornfields and quiet towns of northwest Ohio. Much of my design work focuses on the idea of using design for good and the goal of social impact or social change. My design work has been shown at numerous regional galleries within the area.

I believe in using design for good because I believe in people. Through design the environment can improve, people can change, and the world as a whole can prosper. Companies that are earth conscious can be built. Charities that help others can be implemented. Peoples' attitudes, beliefs, and ideas can all be changed through one single design. The ability to persuade is a powerful thing, and when used correctly it can ignite great change. Inspired by nature and by the goodness found in others, my design work focuses in on those ideas and seeks to capture its spirit and intent.

In my spare time, I enjoy letterpress printing, screen-printing, book arts, and photography. I believe being outdoors is the best cure for any ailment and that there is always time for a great adventure. If I were a Disney princess, I would most definitely be Pocahontas.

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