Abby Brown

Ohio Northern University

As a designer, I am constantly analyzing how to effectively communicate to an audience through organization, appropriate type, and strong imagery. However, this summer I was given the chance to live in Florence, Italy and to take a break from the often rigid structure of design. The raw beauty of Florence, the culture, the food, and the history, brought out a more organic side of my creativity. I was able to craft something more personal and intimate; a visual journal to capture my memories, inspirations, bewilderment, and awe. I experimented with type and image which is something I do regularly, but this time portraying memories and moments through hand drawn illustrations and watercolor. The combination of mediums captures Florence and her extraordinary qualities, the impressions she left on me every day. I wanted to communicate the dream-like haze of my memories there and preserve them for my eventual return to familiar surroundings back home. Each entry and brush stroke is an intimate piece of my time in Florence, something I hope will continue to influence my growth and unique voice as a creative individual.

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