Jes Moore

Ohio Dominican University

Using the metaphor of exploring the cosmos I embark on a personal journey as a key element in my work, and I use books and star maps as my main collage materials to express this. My imagination innately brought me to develop a relationship with books throughout my life and this lead to the academic study of mythology. The universal hero-tale, wrought with danger, self-reliance, adventure and something I call the “sacred struggle” is often represented in my work.

Beeswax has been known throughout the ages as a preserving and healing material. The smell of the wax conjures up feelings of a church or a kitchen or a warm candle. These connections are important in my use of the medium because in my artwork it is also used as a preserver and a healer. The translucent properties of the wax and the collage opportunities it provides visually lends to an atmospheric quality. To me, encaustic work is one part painting, one-part sculpture and with a background in 3D art making this is a natural conclusion for me. The application and removal of the wax allows for a constant healing process to be undertaken between the work and myself. A gently “scarred” surface texture, not unlike scar tissue, can be observed as a result. By combining astronomy and mythology, collage and encaustic I have found a way to express both a universal and a personal understanding of exploration, mystery and meaning.

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