Hannah Farley

Otterbein University

I'm a collector of stuff (although, my mom likes to call it hoarding) - mostly the kind of stuff headed for the trash can: cardboard, scraps of wood, your standard, run-of-the-mill paper towel ... you get the idea. These kinds of materials have little value to most people - probably you included - and while others see useless garbage, I see its beauty and potential. I love experimenting with these unexpected materials and transforming the mundane into works of art: things of value. Some people believe that a painting or drawing has to be made with a brush or a pencil on hand-stretched canvas or fancy paper in order to be considered valuable. My work challenges these labels and expectations of fine art. Working with found materials and non-traditional techniques - hand embroidery being my current favorite alternative drawing method - leads to interesting textures and contrast and hopefully makes you stop and view things with a fresh perspective.

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