Lori Claricoates

University of Dayton

"Design is thinking made visual.” Saul Bass’s quote closely embodies my thoughts about art and design. As a designer, I am a researcher, an innovator, an ‘ideator’ if you will. Design is not just about making things ‘look pretty.’ Form must follow function. As an avid typography nerd, I find details to be of upmost importance. A piece with an amazing concept behind it will fail without meticulous planning and delicate craft, therefore I focus much of my time and energy spent on a project on these aspects. Process is an essential component to designing. One of my professors once described process as a line that is steady and slow in the beginning, becoming a chaotic swirling line in the middle and finally tapering down to a final end point. The crazy part in the middle is where the magic really happens — being inspired by something around you, crumpling up ten pieces of paper before finding the ‘aha,’ and the simple piece of advice given by a trusted friend that makes everything just feel right. Art is never about the end result, but the steps an artist takes to get there.

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