Sarah Rose Lejeune

Oberlin College

Sarah Rose’s work intimately expresses the tediousness of melancholy, nostalgia, loss, and desire. Through repetitious action and an excruciating attention to detail, she makes grotesquely laborious and fragile work. Addressing issues of feminine control and anxiety, these pieces are intricate and compulsive. Focusing on practices of collection as acts of personal and cultural memory, she archives everyday material exertions of existence and confronts her obsessive fear of forgetting. Working primarily with book arts, sculpture and printmaking, she sees paper as a nostalgic substance both in its history and material physicality. She treats paper as ancient, literary, and ephemeral, a material both fragile and strong, that stubbornly holds human imprint. Sarah Rose’s work expresses a contained landscape between growth and disintegration, the beautiful fanatical, the destructive constructive. Using methods of mark-making dependent upon removal, such as pyrography, and employing sewing to represent suturing and loss, her processes locate beauty within destruction.

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