Brittney Marie Callahan

Baldwin Wallace University

I am fascinated by humanity. More specifically, our drive to become something more than our skin and bones will allow us to be and the constant disappointment of mortality. To try and escape this mortality, we do our best to leave our individual marks on society but never feel fully accomplished. There are so many rules, restrictions, moral guidelines and social standards. Every single day we wake up and have to balance between conforming and being original. Even when we say "I love myself, I am unique, I am me," there is still doubt that we will not succeed. Some sense of fear that we might not last through the rest of the day and if that were the case, would we truly be happy with the choices we have made? We are walking time bombs. Our skin is only a containment system meant to keep the continuous explosions that are our emotions from destroying the environments in which we live. It's these emotions and that human inner turmoil that I try to focus on in my photography work. I am both model and designer in my images, actor and producer even. All of my work has been an awakening of self-awareness.

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