Holly Hamlin

Denison University

I view photography as a portal to the subconscious. Recently, my work has been revolving around the themes of loneliness and sexuality. In my portfolio, I included works from a series created over the summer that deals with longing over a past relationship. An underlying tone of sexuality and intimacy runs throughout the pieces as well. I’m interested in the vulnerability revealed in self-portraits and how our emotions and personal battles can be portrayed through inanimate objects.

Interior versus exterior, and the tension that arises when they are juxtaposed with one another, is another element that takes place within my work. There is an unsettling tone that develops when looking in from the outside, but there is also an element of intimacy that occurs when honing in on the interior. I am interested in how the composition of an image can create a weird tension by choosing to reveal and hide certain details. I am particularly drawn to more mundane environments and the absence of physical bodies in those spaces. I like for my photographs to be able to tell a story, usually one that strikes the viewer on a personal level.

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