Audrey Nation

Kenyon College

Audrey Nation is a senior at Kenyon College studying Studio Art and Economics. Though distant areas of study, her artwork and process are not without influence from her interest in data, rationality, and human behavior. This is evident throughout work in various media, most consistently in the way she strives to maintain a sharp, clean precision. Primarily working with film photography and alternative darkroom processes, Audrey pushes herself to work outside of this comfort zone. She finds that often the most satisfying results come from learning about and experimenting with new materials and techniques. As such, some of her more recent works explore the possibilities of two-dimensional artwork in three-dimensional forms, for example, architectural or “sculptural photography” and/or books. In addition, some pieces are more formally motivated by the challenge of abstraction - figuring out how familiar objects can be manipulated to create a predominantly visual experience, separate from their associations.

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