Zora Patton

Lake Erie College

My work revolves around the preservation of nature. I am trying to convey the seriousness of the impact that humans have upon the natural environment, and the result that human encroachment into the environment has upon the surrounding wildlife. While wildlife can assimilate into developed environments, it is ultimately the actions of humans that can ensure or eliminate the chances of survival for our wildlife.

Using as many recycled materials as possible - empty milk jugs, disposable plastic containers, paper, and more - I create the basic form and structure for my pieces. I use old newspaper dipped into flour paste to create the hard outer shell on my 3-dimensional pieces; and recycled paper as the base for my prints and drawings.

I try to give the pieces a sense of solemnity by manipulating the poses of the subjects. The raw newspaper covering the 3-dimensional pieces is meant to further convey the idea of human interference - the animals are literally encased within a world of our making.

I hope to foster a regard for the natural world within my audience.

Recognizing that the problems facing our planet are becoming more, and more urgent - we need to redefine the way that we treat the environment. We cannot succeed in preservation without the commitment of all people.

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