Paige Fruechntnicht

Columbus College of Art & Design

Currently creating work through a post-civilization-anarchist lens.



Focusing on the creation or production of events (with traces being the subsequent materialization of the event) rather than identities and on offering and implementing ideas outside of the existing paradigms. So often, we do not have faith in our own practice as artists to be able to implement change in our social and political landscapes. Attempting to become presentin the world. I am not interested in the market or niche economies.

In my own work, I am interested in and have started to conceptualize artistic situations and what may be close to an art event. Most of the works created are functional objects that are meant to involve and exist among others. The pieces are created with un-design in mind, so that they can have a new life after they "die." A lot of thought and consideration goes into the making process of my work; especially how it may die, when it will die, and how I can create something that can easily be re-contextualized.

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