Brittany Lang

Ohio Northern University

Graphic design is the way I visually communicate what needs to be said. I did not choose to major in graphic design to only draw; I do it for the process. I enjoy finding a problem, going through the design research process, and solving with a practical solution. I like knowing the world is not perfect and that there will always be plenty of design problems that need to be solved.

Design is a challenge. I become frustrated with it, but always end up going back and finishing what I started. I am passionate about what I do and also that I am continuing to learn. I do not ever want to stop learning. It is important for me to continue to improve. I love being the first to know new, interesting things, and incorporate those things into my work.

Throughout my college years, I have become passionate about community and the increasing importance of sustainability. I spent my childhood growing up on a farm and I believe that is part of why I feel so connected to preserving nature. I enjoy helping my local community as well.

Community is important; after all it is like a family. The people who live in a community already have something in common with one another; they all live in the same place. The place where you live should be the best it can be.

I challenge myself to push the boundaries and seize every opportunity that comes my way. I am passionate about my craft and I how I have come to design with sustainability and community in mind.

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