Jesse Helmers

University of Dayton

I'm a 32 year old Dayton artist finishing up my BFA from the University of Dayton. Before I was an artist I served in the Air Force as a linguist and spent some time in the NSA as an intellgence analyst. Had I decided to stay and continue that work, I would have a six-figure salery today instead of being a broker than broke artist. I chose wisely. I am currently applying to graduate schools in Ohio to pursue an MFA in hopes of becoming a professor and/or a successful painter.

When I was a kid, my mom would take me to work with her sometimes where she worked as a graphic designer. Since it was the 1980's virtually everything was still done by hand, the markers were incredible, I had unhindered access to a Xerox machine, and everything smelled like Bestine. It was fantastic! I would sit there all day and draw. Over the years, I started drawing comic books which never really went anywhere since I was always more concerned about the drawing than the story. When I joined the military, I gave up art for six years, and since getting back to it, I've progressed exponentially.

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