Cassidy Brauner

Otterbein University

Mundane moments hold magic.

This is my philosophy and my drive as an artist. I have always found that the tedious and uninteresting parts of life hold an unprecedented amount of meaning and attraction. My intention is to capture and express these moments, situations, and people and This intrigue has taught me to observe and question situations around me. My creative process involves asking, “who are we and why are we this way?” As an Art major (concentrating in photography and visual communications) and a Women, Gender, and Sexuality minor it is natural that this question leads to common themes of human behavior, feminism and self-awareness. Through these themes, my art has explored subjects such as gender expression, sexual identification, and social normativity. My objective is to cause my viewer to question and evaluate not only my art but also their own lives.

Aesthetically, my art, specifically my designs, often results in a use of texture, saturated colors, and intentional organization. Through my designs I create something clever and influential out of ordinary objects, ideas, or businesses. Again, taking the mundane and making it significant. Humor is commonly used to make an impact and get a message across. I want my design to be visually pleasing but also based in human behavior and social understandings.

Whether fine art or more commercial work I always aspire to give meaning and purpose to the seemingly insignificant.

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