Hunter Hughes

Denison University

Working with the material I knew best, I started to take wood and find different ways of working with it, “off the grid”. In doing so, I found ways to create, transform, and recycle wood into various forms of art, many of the pieces having a sense of fluidity and motion. With this idea, and in trying to envision site-specific sculptures, I have become interested in not only the sculptures that I was imagining but instead, the architecture in which I was envisioning the pieces to inhabit. Interestingly enough, this interest in space and architecture has changed my emphasis away from my earlier works centering on motion and fluidity. Instead, my current pieces focus on obstructing spaces and bringing attention to areas that we might take for granted. I am currently investigating the architecture we encounter everyday, finding ways to alter or manipulate it and therefore challenge the viewer to see it in different ways. The end result is that my work becomes a total body experience

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