Elle Rochford

Hiram College

I am a studio art major with minors in art history and sociology from Hiram College. I was born and raised in Akron, Ohio with my three sisters. My family is very important to me and taught me at an early age to help others. Growing up I volunteered with food banks, clothing centers and all manner of relief work. I believe people are so full of potential, but so often do not have the resources to fully realize that potential. When I arrived at college I had every intention of tackling huge social problems, since then I have set more modest goals.

I try to live simply. I by second hand as often as possible and adopted a vegan diet. I actually manage a student cooperative vegetarian kitchen on campus. I try to stay active in whatever community I find myself in. At Hiram I have been a strong advocate for sexual assault awareness and policy changes as well as being a member of environmental and social justice organizations. Many of my studies involve global inequalities and I have had the unique experience of co-writing a paper on intercountry adoption and sale of children with a professor of sociology. I would like to think I'm a highly driven individual.

When I have spare time I love to bake, participate in theater, and read articles on social structure. Studying may actually be my favorite passtime. Hopefully my love of learning will give me an edge as one day I would like to become an art professor.

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