Mary Lytle

Mount St. Joseph University

Mary Lytle studies Graphic Design and Illustration at the College of Mount St. Joseph. She creates art by approaching subjects from otherwise unexplored perspectives. As part of a very large creative family, Mary learned, from an early age, the importance of being unique from surrounding impacts on her life. As a hot dog stand owner, a freelance artist, and a design student, Mary is constantly honing her skills. She approaches each new subject with in-depth research and consideration, which allows her to create pieces that are truly different. Studying graphic design provides Mary with the opportunity to sharpen her skills using many diverse tools including drawing, painting, digital design, photography, animation, and printmaking. This past spring Mary traveled abroad to London to take classes and work an internship at DK Pearson, which has expanded her worldview. Currently, Mary is working to grow her art skills by designing t-shirts for cycling enthusiasts at a local bike shop. In school, she is preparing her thesis project creating a design conference on the British Airline Cars of the 1930’s. Researching the British Airline cars has uncovered that Art Deco and Streamlining had impacted the design of cars, which heavily influenced Mary’s logo development for the conference. Mary plans on moving forward in her studies give to her community. Mary has learned to deepen her knowledge on a given subject through research and exploring inspirations from life experiences.

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