Emily Fultz

Mount St. Joseph University

I am a Jack-of-Many-Trades artist, whose technical title is Art Historian. However, I will always be a photographer. Currently I am a senior at the College of Mount St. Joseph but I look forward to beginning a career that encompasses my knowledge of photography with a critical understanding of the world. Photography is one of my many outlets for expression. I worm my way into anything that allows for me to creatively problem solve, or to think abstractly. But, out of everything I do my photographic work proves to be the most satisfying.

I have always had a fascination with iniquity and deviancy. Most of my imagery has always covered gross, odd, or non-normative aspects of life. I base a lot of my photography around concepts of anguish and pain, ugliness and beauty. The world is an ugly place and I am unable to show it in a euphemistic light. I do not aim to, however, only show the disgust. My subjects are always beautiful, this is intended to imply the positives of the negatives. I chose the path of the artist because, like Socrates says, "the unexamined life is not worth living." I, however, must create my experiences in order to examine my life. The art field is one that I feel is worth the trouble, because a life doing what you love, one that teaches you to think for yourself is priceless.

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