Maria Palmer

Ohio Dominican University

I am currently a senior at Ohio Dominican University majoring in Fine Arts. I was born in Columbus, Ohio on April 21, 1992. I have two sisters and a twin brother who is currently serving in the United States Marine Corps. I get most of my artistic talents from my dad. I have loved seeing art and making art since I was a little kid.

I make art for visual satisfaction. The process of making and creating art is a relaxing way to control my nerves, but also creates something beautiful in the process. Nothing is better than creating something that fascinates the audience, while also feeling the satisfaction of making within myself. The best part of creating is evolving into something better than I was before as my work also evolves. All my works explore a wide variety of themes and techniques as I experiment with different tools and mediums. Different themes I’ve worked with were nature, family, inspiration, and color. Many of my works have focused on practicality, efficiency, precision, and creativity. I enjoy problem solving by bringing different ideas to the table and piecing them together. I want to make pieces that appeal to the viewers’ eye, but ones that I also enjoy making. Sometimes I’m motivated just by seeing how creative I can be. I love creating, designing, and problem solving until I come up with a solution to make everyone looking at the work captivated by what they see in front of them.

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