Mary Jane Robinson

Oberlin College

MJ Robinson is a Creative Writing and Studio Art major at Oberlin College, working primarily with hybridized forms of visual narrative.

MJ co-founded the Oberlin Comics Collective (OCC) in Spring 2011. She is the editor and head printer of OCC's biannual comics anthlogy. MJ has also self-published and printed a number of minicomics and zines, including Rebel Rebel, Yield, "Melontaste", and Rind. Her work in comics and illustration has been featured in The Cleveland Scene, the ACLU of Maine's newsletter, comics anthologies published in the U.S. and U.K., and in various Oberlin newspapers and arts magazines.

MJ also teaches classes and workshops on drawing, comics, book-making, print making, Photoshop, and InDesign. She has taught at Oberlin College, The Putney School Summer Programs, and Firelands Association for the Visual Arts.

MJ is currently completing theses in both of her majors at Oberlin College. Her capstone project for Creative Writing is a serial collection of comic-poems called Like A Fruit. She is also working on a separate, interdisciplinary body of work including drawings, writing, prints, sculpture, and internet art for her Studio Art thesis, which will culminate in a self-curated gallery show in the spring.

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